TL;DR news on AirAsia at August 28, 2023

Auckland Airport general manager customer and aeronautical Commercial Scott Tasker said AirAsia X would be very welcome. AirAsia X also hinted a return to London, more than a decade after exiting the route amid high operating costs. "Reopening our Bangkok and Bali routes is part of our aggressive route expansion strategy as we sustain the momentum to recovery," said AirAsia Philippines CEO Ricky Isla. Abadilla AirAsia Philippines will have a total of 24 operating aircraft in its fleet by end of 2022 to cater to surging travel demand, according to CEO Ricky Isla. The super app AirAsia aims to boost digitalisation in the APAC region while setting the tone for a cashless economy and catering to the underbanked population category. The Filipino Allstars led by AirAsia Philippines Chief Executive Officer Ricky Isla gave them a warm welcome and a jovial send off during their recent visit at RedPoint Headquarters in Manila. Calling out AirAsia In 2020, Gaurav Taneja was working for AirAsia as a pilot. AirAsia India and Air India Express are expected to merge, but this shows that Akasa is still entering a fairly crowded sector. Jarren: AirAsia brand has been badly tarnished by the company's dishonest business practice of withholding c.. The passengers of AirAsia flight number FD 131 had landed here late Sunday night.