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Photo: Adrian Weckler] Stock image of flying ants in the north Dublin area. As an indication of the increased level of activity from the insects during this period, Rentokil recorded a 30pc increase in call outs for ants in July 2021 when compared to May of the same year. Dublin has experienced the highest level of callouts for ants so far this year, accounting for 40pc of all ant callouts in 2022. Installing a fly screen will also prevent flying ants from entering your home whilst leaving windows and doors open. View all partners Email Twitter Facebook LinkedIn WhatsApp Messenger To the uninitiated there are two types of ants in the UK: the red ones that bite and black ants which invade our kitchens. What use are ants? Anyone who has been bitten by an ant may wonder what the point of the bothersome little creatures is. The wildlife we love to watch from our gardens or in nature reserves depends on ants. Most ants are workers, produced from fertilised eggs. Other ants would follow the scout ant to the food source. When the colony becomes too large, the queen produces winged ants. Not all red ants sting Another common species is Myrmica rubra, a red ant sometimes called the European fire ant. But the majority of British ants lead blameless lives underground as architects of soil health in complex societies. Whether it's a few side dishes or a whole meal, Houston restaurants offer a variety of dishes to feed a few or a crowd. He said that ants do no harm to humans or pets and that this was a natural wonder and part of their natural cycle and that the ants were a source of protein for other animals.