TL;DR news on Kosovo at June 14, 2023

The 1930s building and its garden were completely redone to house artworks, including handwoven rugs by Jakup Ferri, who is currently representing Kosovo in the 59th Venice Biennale. In the 1990s, as Kosovo Albanians were barred by the Serbian regime from all forms of public education, clandestine schools popped up in private residencies. The government of Prime Minister Albin Kurti said it would give Serbs a transitional period of 60 days to get Kosovo number plates, a year after giving up trying to impose them due to similar protests. The Council for the Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms is still the main repository for records produced by various individual human rights activists in Kosovo from 1989 to 1999. Kosovo politicians have repeatedly accused Serbia of committing genocide during the war, and have also threatened litigation against Belgrade at international courts. This call has also gone unheeded, with Kosovo insisting that the KLA, as it was a guerrilla organisation, never had military archives. When Serbian forces were leaving Kosovo, they took most military and police files but also civil archives and documents. Secretary Blinken emphasized the enduring partnership between the United States and Kosovo, and the Secretary thanked the leaders for their strong support for Ukraine and generous hosting of Afghans. According to the ministry, there have been false reports allegedly spread by Pristina about alleged clashes between the Serbian armed forces and the Kosovo police. Political leaders of northern Kosovo's Serbs refuse to recognize Pristina's 2008 declaration of independence. With reporting by Sandra Cvetkovic in Kosovo. "We are particularly proud of bringing this exhibit to Pristina", said the Italian ambassador to Kosovo, Antonello De Riu. With the United States remaining the most powerful member of NATO and considering its history with Bosnia and Kosovo, its role will be key. They still are in Kosovo, and NATO maintains a military headquarters in Bosnia to support reforms needed for potential membership in the alliance and to support the EU force. I watched my father, a surgeon, being called up to the army during the war in Kosovo, and I remember not hearing a word about him for a month. She is conducting research within the framework of Kosovo Research and Analysis Fellowship, supported by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society. Other officials came from Argentina, Botswana, The Gambia, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Mozambique, the Philippines, Poland and Slovakia.