TL;DR news on BNZ at April 22, 2023

The same representative went on to reveal that BNZ Pay will be offered at no monthly cost to merchants who settle into a BNZ account until January 2024. As far as technical requirements are concerned, the BNZ Pay app is compatible with smartphones running on Android 9.0 or above. The technology company has provided support services to BNZ for many years. These data should keep the heat on the RBNZ to deliver another 50bps hike later this month. I personally find BNZ's economic analysis to stand out positively from that of other banks, in particular I like BNZ's Mr. "When we first joined BNZ we would go in and sit down at a table with somebody and discuss what our plans were, and they would advise us," she said. "BNZ say that they have done nothing wrong. "It's all gone overseas." Mulalley has lodged complaints with BNZ and the police about the scam. A BNZ spokesman said the bank understood the distress the fraud had caused Mulalley. At this moment, it has this on its own among ASB, BNZ, and Westpac. SBS has been confirmed as the third participating lender for First Home Partner, joining founding banks Westpac and BNZ. BNZ economists forecast a 0.3 per cent increase in employment which, alongside a 70.9 per cent participation rate, delivers an unemployment rate of 3.0 per cent. I've been banking with BNZ for decades, but lately I've read articles that suggest banking with a New Zealand bank, like TSB, is preferable, to keep the business local. The main message from the RBNZ was that price pressures remain persistent enough to carry on with their rate hiking outlook from May. BNZ sees it drifting back to 5.2 per cent for the first quarter of next year, 4.8 per cent for the second quarter and a more manageable 3.3 per cent by the third quarter of 2023.